Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Home Front

It finally feels like spring. Yesterday was gloomy once again, today it's all bright sunshine and growing things. The average date of last frost here is May 15th, and it feels like the worst might be behind us for another season. Either this weekend or next, I'll buy a few flowers, and at least plant the boxes out front.

I couldn't do any gardening at all last year, because of an ugly reaction I had to some medication. It triggered an allergy to sunlight, and did amazingly nasty things to my skin where exposed to sunlight. I don't think it's gone yet, I still see residual effects. However, a little front porch planting shouldn't keep me out for too long, and I miss seeing flowers when I come home from work every day. The backyard is a disaster, gone all my beautiful flower beds. The roses are valiantly struggling through by themselves, and leggy though they are, at least they still survive.

One thing at a time, I guess.

The kitten is happily running in and out of the house this morning. I have the back screen door propped open, it's warm enough finally to have the door open, and there aren't enough bugs to be concerned with the screen. This is the first time she's been allowed out in over a week, and she's in happy kitten heaven. There won't be any unexpected pregnancies, either, which makes me happy! :)

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