Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Home Front


It's chilly this morning. The "chance of thundershowers" in today's forecast is totally bogus. It's cold, and rainy, there's no thunder or lightning to be seen, but there is a very cold breeze that's been steady and strong since about 3 a.m.

Cloudy. Areas of drizzle and slight chance of rain showers in the morning...Then a chance of rain showers and isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon. Cooler. Highs near 60. Northeast winds 10 to 20 mph. Chance of showers and thunderstorms 40 percent.

Drizzle. Ok, I can live with that. Feels more like late September than the middle of August though, and I'm in no hurry to get to winter!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Home Front

I got my wish, mostly. Not a lot of thunder and lighting, but good steady, and sometimes hard, rain all night long. We so sorely need this. Our lawns were dying, despite hubby's dedication to the watering schedule. We're still restricted to two or three hours, every three days. Better than a few years ago, but it's been a very dry summer so far.

It's cooled off, and while there's not much of a breeze, it's so much cooler that creates it's own air movement. If plants could sigh, it would be a very noisy place here right now.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Home Front

I hate the weather doldrums we're in now. It's supposedly only 70o F outside right now, but it feels like it's 90. The air is completely still, not even the slightest breeze outside. Can wind speed get any lower than 1 mph? Would nothing register at all?

It's humid, for us anyway, at 28%, though it's probably not much by anyone else's standards. The swamp cooler makes it too cold, not having it on just accentuates the airlessness. Having the fans on full seems to be the only solution, since we have air conditioning only upstairs.

I wish I could translate Celcius to Farenheit in my head like I can (mostly) metric measurements. It seems to just not click, though... High of 30o C today, low of 18o C. Which means exactly nothing to me, and I'm too lazy to go look up a US site, or the conversion chart I have posted around here somewhere.

Hoping for thundershowers, and wind...