Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Home Front

Yesterday, the weather was perfect. I didn't check the temperature in the morning, but as I was walking from the car into work, I noticed how absolutely perfect the temperature was. I imagine it was about 68 - 70 F, an ideal temperature for comfort. Well, if you're me. I have a friend who prefers 85 F or so, and likens himself to a happy lizard baking on a hot rock. Lucky for him, that he lives in Florida. :)

Today, it's cloudy, and I imagine we're in for some rain. Good. I like spring rain, and since the lawn's mowed, it's timely.

Since the adventures of the kitten seem to be tied inextricably to this thread, I'll report that the poor dear has an appointment with her kitty-gyno today, though she (of course) doesn't realize it. Keeping her inside for the last 4 or 5 days has been sad. I know she's wanted so badly to go out to play. Just couldn't take the chance of her disappearing again before this little dr's visit...

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