Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Home Front

March was a Goldilocks month - neither too hot, nor too cold. It never got warm enough to feel like spring, nor cold enough to feel like winter. Goldilocks.

April has been an improvement, though we did get 12" of snow last week. The moisture was so welcome, that I don't think anyone minded. Every day, I look at my white oak tree in the front yard, and cross my fingers that this year, it will recover from the drought. It may never recover though... when even the tree experts shook their head over its behavior last year, my heart sank, thinking that we'd have to remove the tree that had been so gorgeous just two years before. Yesterday I noticed there were a few branches with tiny leaves beginning to bud - but it's not even over the whole tree, just in a few places. I'm going to be heart broken if it doesn't recover this year.

The crabapple trees are in bloom all over the city. One just down the street was split in two by last week's storm, but the one next door is beautiful, heavily laden with fragrant pink blossoms.
My husband and son cut the lawn day before yesterday, and the smell of freshly mowed grass screamed, "summertime!" through the open screen doors.

Today things turned cold again, and a light drizzle started in the late afternoon. We had pea-sized hail for about 10 minutes tonight after I got home, but neither it, nor the accompanying rain lasted long.

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